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P.D.O or A.O.C. Protected Designation of Origin

La merveille en habit bleu

Lavender, "It is the wonder of the Midi (southern France) dressed in blue" said Maurice Mésségué.

He’s right! You can’t stop telling about lavender’s virtues. Its fragrance is likened to a special gift. Its essential oil is a powerful antiseptic; at the same time it is fresh, revitalizing and healing to tissues and it has many therapeutic virtues.

So why is it not better known and used more often?
That is because some people who know only profit wanting to strangle and kill the beautiful lavender around us preferring to import cheaper but lower quality lavender. Always seeking higher profits, they also widely used synthetic products in almost all Colognes, toilet waters, perfumes, etc....

To this the lavender growers said, “No!”

A number of them organized as a group to market and publicize their wonderful products. These people are pioneers; they have succeeded against all odds in gaining a foothold in international as well as French markets.
Their unions are fully committed to a fight without mercy for which the survival of entire regions is at stake. To win, they chose to play the game of loyalty and honesty by offering their natural products such as they are.

Thus AOC lavender essential oil from Haute Provence was created.

Further to the standardization of European quality specifications,
the title “AOC” has now become “PDO” (AOP in french) (Protected Designation of Origin)

- Maximum guarantees are provided to the consumer. -
The acronym AOC can be used affording the same guarantees until the end of 2010.

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