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Haute Provence


*Photo : Steffen LIPP


To our touring friends, the sight of these magnificent mountains covered with azure flowering fields, the light, pure wind flowing through the lavender while its subtle fragrance fills your lungs and awakens your senses. This belongs to you!
It is part of your heritage, like these trails, pathways, well maintained mountain roads, welcoming villages where you can rest.

The lavender grower is the lifeline of our regions. He is also an outstanding landscape architect. If he or his children were uprooted to swell the ranks of the unemployed, what then would you come to find in fields overrun by brambles and bushes, on trails and disintegrating roads, in empty villages where no one would be there to welcome you?
Tourist or city friend, if you wish rediscover the wonderful landscapes for yourself or your children, the summers of southern France where the land takes on the colors of the sky, where distilled flowers perfume the air and bottles fill drop by drop (lavender essential oil is always clear yellow and bright as the Provencal sun!) come see us while our stills are being filled to the brim.
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