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Attention aux fausses huiles essentielles de lavande !

Often sold commercially under the name "Lavender Essential Oil", many products are found to be either imported or made from lavandin, or reconstituted with components that are often synthetic, which are mediocre in quality at prices that are quite honestly senseless and suspect.

These practices are intended to lower prices at the expense of quality.

Equally concerned are a number of products that use lavender essential oil in their composition.


We would strongly advise you to look for the guarantee of origin and traditional quality before purchasing any product.

Only the label “PDO (AOC or AOP) Lavender Essential Oil” provides you with a unique product whose reputation is a worldwide standard.
This guarantee applies not only to the essential oil in the strict sense, but to products containing essential oil.

The authentic lavender essential oils from Haute Provence are the only ones entitled to the PDO label.
Traceability is irrefutable and the authorities may, at each stage of marketing, conduct random checks. All this has been brought on by the producers to protect what is considered the best lavender produced in the world and to maintain its prestige.


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Results of the 2017 Lavande AOP contest :


Bonne année 2018 de la part de tous les producteurs d'huile essentielle de lavande AOP

1st price Jean-Bernard Fra, Lagarde d’Apt

2nd price Earl Fra Lionel et Christine, Lagarde d’Apt (One of our Lavender producers presented here)

3rd price Earl de la Bernarde, St Trinit

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