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Lavender essential oil and well-beingLavender essential oil and well-being 

Here are some uses of lavender for health and pleasure.

A simple lavender-scented bath for relaxation:
A few drops of essential oil in the bath for health and hygiene.

A relaxing and anti-stress bath:
3 or 4 drops of lavender essential oil directly in bathwater or added to liquid soap for better dispersion.

A calming and disinfecting Bath:
A bouquet of lavender in the bath acts simultaneously as both calmant and disinfectant.

Massages for relaxation:
Dilute 1 to 4 drops of essential oil in a teaspoon of sweet almond oil. Rub in lightly so it can adsorb.

Massages for soothing muscles
Mix 5 ml of lavender essential oil in 100 ml of almond oil. Massage the contracted muscles.

Massages for getting some rest
There is nothing like massaging the forehead and temples to unwind and fall asleep easier (a few drops on a soft handkerchief suffice).

Eau de lavande: is used exactly like eau de Cologne or eau de toilette.




Lavender for everyday living

When walking or hiking


La lavande dans la trousse de secours

*Photo : Steffen LIPP


Lavender possesses anti poison powers.
On walks in the mountains or countryside, it always helps to have a small bottle of essential oil ready. In case of wasp stings, for example, applying lavender immediately on the affected parts is effective.

Anti-venom Action
Rub the bite wounds with lavender flowers.

Antiseptic action
Coat infected wounds, eczema, acne and burns. (according to Maurice Messegue).

Small wounds
A few drops of pure lavender essential oil.
A few drops on a bandage relieves burns, contusions, and insect bites.

Essential oil for small burns (sunburn or minor burns)
Apply oil composed of: 50ml massage oil + 80g of lavender essential of + 20g of essential oil of geranium. (according to Dr. Valnet).



Lavender in the home


Lavender in the home


Fragrance for rooms and for residential or group premises:
A handful of this plant in a cup helps purify the air.
A lavender-fresh ambiance diffused in a room not only adds its pleasing aroma but repels flies and mosquitoes – a few drops of essential oil on humidifiers or radiators, or mixed with a little water in a perfume burner, evaporates the essential oil without burning it is all that is needed.
You can also sprinkle lavender essential oil on carpets and rugs in the house so that the scent is renewed at each passage. Lavandin essential oil can also be used for this purpose as it is much cheaper provided you can stand its more camphorated odor.

Lavender repels moths while adding its divine fragrance.
As our grandmothers did, put one or more flower sachets in each closet (renew after several months when the fragrance fades).

The lavender potpourri :
Place lavender flowers in a clear glass recipient, add rose petals or other dried flowers.
Mix up the flowers from time to time to release their fragrance.
The lavender scent promotes relaxation.

Lavender sachets
Perfect for scenting closets and dispelling moths and other undesirable insects.

Bouquets of lavender
In your home, they extend that feeling of peacefulness reminiscent of your last vacation in Provence.



Some tips for everyday living

Lavender for everyday living

Rubdowns and massages
Against pain from rheumatism, muscle spasms and sprains, etc...
rubdowns and massages using pure essential oil are very effective.
Used in massage, lavender essential oil can relieve pain from rheumatism while reinforcing physical and immune system resistance.

Infusions and tisanes
Slightly hypnotic, a lavender tisane with its deliciously bluish color can reduce personal anxiety, help digestion and, thanks to its antiseptic properties, combat a number of respiratory ailments.

Some flowers (just a few), those in sachets, in a linden flower infusion (dosage according to one’s taste).
The lavender flowers used in infusions show equally excellent therapeutic virtues.

Lavender flowers in infusions :
A teaspoon in a bowl of boiling water, 2 to 3 grams per day. Herbal tee is a calmant, almost a somnifer, therefore, use prudently as you would an infusion.

Inhalations, fumigations, bath and mouthwash
A pinch of dried flowers or a few drops of essential oil into a bowl of boiling water.
Inhaling a pinch of lavender completes treatment for the flu or bronchitis by disinfecting the air passageways.

Lavender combats throat and bronchial infections via fumigation.

A lavender bath on winter evenings is recommended for nervous or cold-stricken people.

As mouthwash, lavender disinfects the throat and relaxes the nerves and muscles of the affected surface: stuttering, paralysis of the tongue, muscular contractions in the mouth.

Lavender is invaluable for severe headaches, neuralgia, influenza, bronchitis, asthma and whooping cough.

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