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Bio Lavender

Bio Lavender VS P.D.O. Lavender

PDO lavender Responding to increasing demand for this type of essential oil in the field of Aromatherapy and Aromacology, the producers have made arrangements to produce certified essential oils.
In fact, this certification is a sign of the producers’ seriousness to foreign buyers.

PDO Lavender meets the obligations of botanical origin, traceability, balance of components, and olfactory qualities, all clearly defined in the declaration concerning the PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) label.

The PDO label protects the designation "lavender essential oil of Haute Provence" and is the only one existing in France for lavender.
Except PDO lavender certification, other products are prohibited from using labels resembling it, or references to its territory.




Bio Lavender“Bio lavender” guarantees production methods: no pesticides or other chemicals should be used.
It is guaranteed by the logo “AB” and is not constrained to a defined geographical area.
Lavender may be Bio and PDO labeled. A small tonnage of PDO Bio lavender is produced.
In this case, origin, botany and all other guarantees under the PDO label, including the olfactory qualities, are additional assets.

But even in traditional cultivation, lavender receives little or no pesticides.
Indeed, the plant deterioration disease transmitted by the leafhopper (insect) which decimated many plantations is not subject to any treatment, as no product has been successful to date.



Une lavande AOP et Bio vous apporte la garantie maximale



Jan Fiala
Fri, 06/09/2017 - 19:33

I am interested in 25 kg of lavandula angustifolia P. miller oil convetional and bio. Can you send me EXW price for 25 kg?
Kind regards
Jan Fiala
FICHEMA, Czech Rep.

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