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Lavender color

Bouquet de lavande

Photo : Steffen LIPP

Blue, violet, mauve, even lilac, Such are the colors of lavender and lavandin, the emblematic vegetal species growing in hills and plateaus from Valence to Gap, from Alès to the Gorges of Verdon and to the Vésubie River.

Lavenders and lavandins define a most particular region by their presence and represent the eternal symbol of Provence. They thrive entirely in lands under azure skies in the midst of scrublands, thyme and genet, forming an aromatic and colorful countryside like no other. They impart a gracious setting of intoxicating fragrances to plateaus of Rhodanian, Alpine and Mediterranean basins, a setting they share with their companions – the mistral, bees, cicadas and the insects of the sun.

* Source : "Lavandes Lavandins Parfum d'histoire" by Robert Veyan

Fields of lavender plants sway in the wind like waves on the sea where each tiny flower delivers its miniscule role of sensory treasure as they let themselves be rocked lovingly, opening up naturally to foraging bees who carry life’s nectar on their legs .

Their histories, their aptitudes for implantation in dry areas, their abilities to produce the essential oils exploited by growers and used by others in downstream markets provide lavender with a favorable position and some revenue for a number of producers in southern France. This culture thereby participates in the sustainable development of the territory and in maintaining a population necessary for the livelihood of an entire region.
The blue colors of the sky, lavender and lavandins, the greens of vegetation and olive groves and the light pink blossoming almond trees represent a veritable invitation to travel to Provence.



Couleurs lavandes

Photo : Steffen Lipp

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